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The last race was held at Schierpoort. Johan won his class while Marcel and Cindy came in second and Christian made it into third. Heine and Deite did not finish.

In other news, Johan won the Nationals in Ventersdorp - Well done, Johan!

Roof of Africa

The 2012 Roof of Africa turned out to be an exciting event for our race teams. We had 10 entries and 8 finishes!

The Roof of Africa is a must-experience race for riders passionate about what they do. Being a spectator is already extraordinary but to be part of the support crew on the ground was a once in a lifetime opportunity. To top it all off, Heine’s son, Diete not only entered the Roof this year, but he also finished making Heine a very proud Dad!

We had 4 experts entered with all 4 finishing their class. 6 intermediates were entered and only 2 didn’t finish as they were time-barred from Friday. However, they persevered on Saturday and finished although they won’t receive any medals.

Congratulations to all our riders and support crew involved.

Background and context

ADA is a recognised service provider that delivers off-road rider training for dirt bikes, off-road bikes and quads. Its instructors are actively involved in the off-road communities, whether it is the Wilddog Forum Community where Mark and Judy plays a key role (dual purpose bikes) or whether it is in the off-road and enduro race events where Johan, Marcel, Diete and Heine are participating.

The ADA team believes that the best way to assist riders is to be part of their communities.
ADA is also the chosen partner for managing and delivering the very successful Honda Adventure Academy to Honda South Africa.

Actively involved in off-road and enduro race events

ADA will participate in selected off-road and enduro events in 2012. This participation will be through two teams:

  • Honda Development Team – Manage and run the team.
  • MOAM Racing Team – Team partnership.
  • Honda Development Team

ADA will manage and deliver the Honda Development Team.

  • Primary purpose: Increase the visibility of Honda at selected off-road races.
  • Secondary purpose: Introduce new riders into the sport of off-road racing and coach them to improve their riding skill levels.

The team will formally participate in the GOC - Echo 4x4 Centre XCICC (senior) series in and around Gauteng for 2012.

Official Race Team: “ Honda Development Team”. This will be the formal race team. The registered entrant with MSA approves riders to ride under this banner (entry under team name for display on programme and result sheets). Riders will be selected to ride within this group based upon performance and potential future performance in specific classes. The group will include experienced riders and new riders under development that will compete in the race team. The experienced riders will be required to provide advice and guidance before and during events to other riders either in the Official Race Team or in the ADA Honda Supported Rider Group.

ADA Supported Riders Group. This group will consist of riders that support ADA training and events and that participate in selected Off-road events. They can apply to be part of or are approached by Team Management to become part of the ADA Supported Riders Group. These riders will still enter as individuals but will have access to some of the team benefits acquired through association with partners. They will have their own bikes and will be provided with coaching, guidance and assistance during race days. Based upon performance they can be taken up in the Official Race Team and have access to full team benefits. MOAM Racing

ADA is proud to be associated with MOAM Racing. MOAM Racing is for friendship, comradeship and our passion for bikes, desire to race and enjoy riding outride’s together.

In 2012 ADA will together with MOAM form a racing team component that will compete in the GOC events, Rudamans, EWXC and other events with multiple riders beginning their commitment and training for the Roof 2012 in various categories.

Each of the partners brings various advantages to the team.

We are looking towards a successful 2012 and will update this page with more information as it becomes available.


If you are interested, please send an email to to enquire and provide the following information:

  • Name and surname
  • Address
  • Age as on 01 January 2012
  • Bike to be used for racing 2012
  • Current ride/race experience
  • Ambition

Important: Only a limited number of riders can participate in the Official Race Team. However, benefits will be extended as far as possible to the registered ADA Honda Supported Riders.

We are looking forward to hear more from you


ADA is proud to confirm its association with various leading industry role players and suppliers in context of participating in selected off-road and enduro race events.

  • Honda South Africa
  • Auto Cycle Centre - Golden Tyres and other valuable spares
  • SMP - cleaning materials and products
  • ABI / PLAY - energy drinks
  • ADA - Team training and coaching

Terms & Conditions

Belonging to the race team, either in the capacity of Official Race Team member or ADA Honda Supported Rider member, will provide the individuals with a minimum of the following:

  • Access to experienced riders that can provide advice and guidance.
  • Access to specific brand tyres, mouses, chains, sprockets, brake pads and other parts at cost or discounted prices.
  • Team training sessions at the ADA Training and Outdoor Centre during the year.
  • Use of the team sticker kit.
  • Discount on selected ADA courses

The Rider is required to:

  • Join a recognised off-road club. GOC is proposed.
  • Acquire a MSA license before first event.
  • Participate in at least 6 of the 8 GOC 4x4 Echo Events.
  • Keep fit and keep bike race ready.
  • Rider gear as required for racing.

Team Results per Event

2012 Team Results per Event